Online platformcustom tyvek wristbands cheap offers services to enterprises in Guangdong

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Lu Feng (center), deputy secretary-general of Guangdong provincial government, said the Yueshangtong, or Guangdong Business Link, that was launched on Tuesday will be able to play an important role in further improving the business and investment climate in Guangdong province. [Photo by Zheng Caixiong/]

An online platform that provides a complete set of services for local enterprises was launched Tuesday in South China"s Guangdong province, a window into China"s reform and opening up.

Lu Feng, deputy secretary-general of Guangdong provincial government, said Yueshangtong, or Guangdong Business Link, will be able to play an important role in further improving the business and investment climate in Guangdong, which has registered more than 12 million companies.

Yueshangtong now mainly includes four major columns of policy releases, government services, interaction between government and companies and Guangdong company center, said Lu.

Now the online platform, Yueshangtong, has provided smooth access to government department services, including the development and reform commission, public security, taxation, People"s Bank of China, industrial and commercial administration, information and industry department, housing and urban-rural development, land and natural resources, human resources and social security.

"As one of the country"s economic powerhouses, Guangdong provincial government has been sparing no effort to support the development of and serve the province"s myriad of companies and enterprises in recent years," Lu said at a press conference in Guangzhou city on Tuesday.

"After Yueshangtong is launched, local companies will be able to go through many applications and procedures for examinations and approvals of projects online, and thus, save their production costs and time," he said.

Meanwhile it"s not necessary for local companies to bring their operation licenses and other documents and certificates to visit local government departments and organizations after they get companies" e-identity cards through the online platform.

"All they need to do is to show their mobile phone to the clerks for scanning the codes and tell them what they want to do at the counters," he added.

Lu said Guangdong, the southern gateway of the country, has taken the lead in the mainland in constructing digital government and providing online services to companies.

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